Note to Readers

My poems Truth, Remember Me, and Androgeny are a trilogy of poetic philosophical messages of the truths I found while deeply studying religious history, the Bible, the Gnostic Scriptures of Nag Hammadi, as well as Wicca and other spiritualistic pursuits. I hope that you take them in the spirit they are meant, and pray they provide some enlightenment with those of open hearts and ears to hear. God bless.


The mystery of androgeny, the evolution of our diety…

First came the Mother, the One who would not submit to masculine repression;

Then came the son and consort, who in prehistory changed into the God of anger and oppression;

After that came Jesus, the greatest spiritual leader of all time, the one who brought the sacrificial archetype to life –he realized the Goddess had to be honored by society, the secret of the Trinty;

That was when God became the One of Love instead of pain, the Father in who male and female principles become one and the same…

Until men once again corrupted the fucking message…

But…how else could you explain how through all the ages in the subconscious human mind the Mother Goddess would never die?

How else could you explain the rise of a God that never existed in prehistoric times?

And how else could you explain the hybrid, the change–femininity’s superior desires for humankind in the package of a manhood divine?

The transition from the God of the Old to the God of the New, the Father that wants nothing from you?

Jesus the Nazarene could see the truth–he compounded the evolution of androgeny and ascended to immortality, giving two faces to the Mysteries, Gnostic and Christianity–but only one face is his, and it’s up to you to answer the question, “Which is the truth? Human politics, or the knowledge of mystics?”

Follow the Maglalene, the greatest Christian tragedy, wife, leader, secret , like the Goddess whose glory men took pains to bury–seek the Marys and you will meet the Great Spirit of Androgeny.